Understanding Failure Drives Success

Installment 10 in a 10-Part Series It’s irritating when the little notice pops up on the computer advising us an unexpected failure has occurred. Our system crashes and we have to restart. Of course, that’s a minor nuisance compared to the “unexpected errors” that sink businesses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks #smallbusiness failures. Here’s their latest: 20 percent fail in year one, 30 percent in year two, 50 percent fail after five years. Only 30 percent survive

Casting a Clear and Complete Vision

Installment 5 in a 10-Part Series Installment 5 in a 10-Part Series The first time I recall being curious about the topic of #vision was working on my Boy Scouts’ Nature Merit Badge. My Dad was helping me go through the pamphlet. We got into a conversation about which animals had the best vision. He said it was the Eagle – the rank to which I aspired and later achieved. I learned this magnificent bird of prey sees clearly eight times farther than humans and perceives a wi

When Tactics Replace Strategy

Installment 4 in a 10-part Series Early on in every #strategicplanning engagement there’s always the discussion of the best people to involve in the process. Over the years, I’ve broadly segmented individuals into two groups – Thinkers and Doers. I like involving people at all levels of the organization … especially those closest to the customers. And, I’ve found when considering high-level #strategicissues, the best results are achieved with the Thinkers. These are smart,