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Hi, I’m Bruce Anderson.

I provide strategic counsel to leaders of small to mid-market privately held businesses plus affinity organizations. There are four different ways I can contribute to your organization to help you build a strong brand. 

My particular skill set has been sharpened over many years of successful service to marketers of goods and services in a wide range of industries and sectors.  That experience and expertise enables me to help you increase your probability of success.


Over 35-years’ experience in advertising, marketing, sales and consulting environments.  Skilled strategic thinker and planner who favors data driven decisions. Known as an energetic and charismatic leader and an effective coach, facilitator, and catalyst for positive movement. Have been a trusted C-Level advisor to a diverse group of over 115 B2C and B2B marketers in more than 20 categories.  Approach to executive interactions is analytical, objective, candid, and forthright. Have had P&L responsibility in companies with up to $150 million in global revenue and led sales forces of up to 325 professionals. Played a key role in growing private and public businesses. Prior to forming consulting practice, was an owner of two Top 10 Southwest ad agencies managing operations and directing business development and client service activities. Also was EVP sales and marketing for the world’s leading provider of stock photography; chief marketing officer of a Top 10 U.S. professional Internet services firm; and chief strategy officer of the nation’s largest independent TV sports production and program development company. 

My Background
Ways I Can Contribute


“When everything gets really complicated... and you feel overwhelmed... you have to do three things: First, get the cow out of the ditch; second, find out how the cow got into the ditch; and third, do whatever it takes to make sure that cow never gets into the ditch again.”

- Sage Advice from a Mentor


fractional cmo

Could your organization benefit from an accomplished full-time CMO but revenues just aren't there yet to support this important addition to your executive team?

  • Infusing your organization with new experience and expertise, a fresh perspective, and a shot of optimism
    and energy can pay big dividends.


  • Consider making a part-time executive addition to your inner circle of leadership.

  • I'm available on a fractional basis working the equivalent of one or two weeks per month on an annual contract basis to help maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

  • You commit to a pool of hours to be invested how and where you see the greatest need.

  • Assessments can be made of the full range of your present marketing efforts
    to ensure you're spending precious marketing dollars wisely. 


  • Sales directors can be assisted and coached.

  • Marketing managers and/or coordinators can be mentored and developed to deliver increased ability and productivity.

  • Projects and tasks can be managed more carefully and effectively.

  • New metrics and measurements can be introduced to monitor your ROI.

  • New and different strategies and tactics can be explored and implemented.

  • Problems and opportunities can be tackled.



Has your organization established a strong valuable brand with a commanding presence and an enviable reputation?

  • I've been creating, developing and building local, regional, national and global brands my entire career.

  • The three phases of my professional life (Ad Agency, Public Company, Management Consultant) afforded me a valuable 360-degree perspective of branding.

  • I impart a simple philosophy and teach a unique process that helps organizations consistently present their operation as a unified brand.  It's easy to grasp, understand, adopt and implement.

  • The process introduces a common organizational language for discussing and executing branding efforts that is built around seven simple brand components that reinforce one another.

  • The seven components of a Brand are:

    1. Promise​

    2. Personality

    3. Values

    4. Culture

    5. Identity

    6. Experience

    7. Strategy

  • The key elements of my philosophy around brands are:

    • Brands are powerful with the ability to evoke strong emotions. Individuals get personally involved with brands and literally form love/hate relationships with them.

    • Your brand is your reputation.

    • Your reputation is earned through actions, communications and delivery of experiences over time.

    • The process of building a strong brand is a continuous series of making and keeping promises that grows into a valued relationship. 

    • Brand value is created by building and sustaining trust, confidence and loyalty.

    • Strong brands are built when a dynamic leader defines and articulates a clear vision then inspires others to pursue and attain ambitious goals on route to a desired destination.

    • Brand leadership is making sure a high-performance team is in place with a clear understanding of where the brand is heading and how it is going to get there.

    • Team members aligned philosophically and operationally work in concert horizontally and vertically within the organization driving toward the same destination.

    • Perfect brand alignment is attained when there’s a common understanding of who you are, what you intend to be, and who others think you are.

    • Brand stewardship is taking excellent care of a well-established brand.Individuals with their hand on the rudder recognize the enormous responsibility attached to keeping the valued brand moving forward sustaining growth while remaining faithful to the brand’s roots.

    • To sustain brand strength you must constantly strive to ensure your brand is relevant and attached to each new generation.


vision casting

Is your organization being driven by a clear view of where it's going, how it's going to get there, and when?

  • Vision Casting is a very unique process that requires working directly with the CEO to define and articulate a clear vision and then inspiring the organization to embrace, pursue and attain ambitious goals.

  • It involves an energetic and aspirational series of one-on-one meetings with the CEO to cast a clear vision for the organization in the decade to come.

  • Process is all about demonstrating strong, effective leadership. 

  • Vision Casting charts a specific way forward with a designated destination and progress marked by specific milestones along the way.

  • It actively explores and imagines the future and the role the business can/will play in that future.

  • It emphasizes innovation, i.e. disruption; exploring opportunities to innovate through conception, creation, alteration, variation, deviation, permutation, modification and/or modernization.

  • Specific topics explored and answered in the sessions include:

    • Where are we now?

    • Where are we going and how are we going to get there?

    • What milestones need to be established to drive/ensure progress?

    • What do we want to be known for, i.e. what do we want our reputation to be?

    • Where do we need to invest and at what levels?

    • What is the total investment required?

    • What are potential sources of funds?

    • How does infrastructure need to evolve and or change?

    • How do product lines, products, and services need to evolve and or change?

    • What kind of culture needs to be cultivated to support this effort?

    • How will we keep score and track and measure progress?

    • What is our likelihood of success?

  • The result of the Vision Casting sessions is a one to two-page narrative clearly expressing the complete vision in an active and inspiring tone.

  • Shared with leaders of business units and departments, and reviewed with them quarterly, the document actively guides and drives the organization to the desired destination. 



Are your planning efforts delivering the impact you want? Do you need to succeed more and fail less?


  • In my career I've seen 11 common reasons why the planning process breaks down and fails.

  • I work with organizations who want to overcome these obstacles and introduce a successful planning culture that can be sustained year after year.

  • It starts at the top with the leader: a) making a firm commitment to running a supremely functional and sharply focused enterprise with exceptional operating discipline, and b) having the determination and ability to get the organization excited about the process and expected outcomes.  

  • I guide organizations in developing and executing rolling three-year strategic operating plans that can be reasonably executed against realistic and practical goals within available resources.

  • Planning is embraced as a dynamic process ... never finished, with continuous monitoring and measuring and adjusting as needed – the tweaking never ends. 

  • The outcome is a very specific set of organizational, divisional and departmental objectives.

  • These objectives, and supporting strategies and tactics, form the heart of the Strategic Operating Plan that guides the organization confidently into the years ahead.

  • The process involves:

    • Transferring knowledge and experience.

    • Engaging individuals in all areas and levels of the organization.

    • Seating planning as a product of collective wisdom.

    • Building a harmonious natural flow toward achieving common goals.

    • Identifying issues and opportunities.

    • Defining the most important priorities.

    • Setting very specific, measurable goals to be closely monitored and achieved within specific time frames.

    • Inspiring thoughtful, imaginative, creative and resourceful thinking.

    • Helping crystallize and formally express existing thoughts and ideas.

    • Helping individuals make fresh new discoveries.

    • Helping shape thoughts and build consensus.

    • Assisting in establishing attainable objectives, creating smart strategies and developing effective tactics.

    • Providing ongoing guidance in the faithful execution of plans.


[A trusted C-Level advisor to over 115 B2C and B2B marketers in more than 20 categories] 

Industry Experience


Big Smith Work Clothes

Lyntone Belts
Nocona Boots

Prior Western Wear
Resistol Hats


American Paint Horse 

Association (APHA)
American Quarter Horse
Association (AQHA)
Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society (BASS)

National Cutting Horse
Association (NCHA)

National Rifle Association (NRA)
National Thoroughbred
Racing Association (NTRA)
Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA)

World Conformation Horse Association (WCHA)



Klipsch Loudspeakers








Ghosts of Bataan 

Making of Seabiscuit


People vs. the Pros

Wendy’s 3-Tour Challenge



Symmtrex Light Steel
Framing System



Antique Drapery Rod Company



North Texas Commission


American Bank of Dallas

First Data Management Company
First National Bank in Dallas
First National Bank of Tulsa
Liberty National Bank of
Grand Bank of Oklahom


Bon Lait Fromage Frais
Borden Pasta Brands
Bryan Foods
Droste Chocolates

Encore Foods
Fleming Foods

​Food and Wines from France 
(Cheese, Specialty Foods,
Wines and Spirits divisions)

Gourmet America

Griffin Jams and Condiments
J.C. Potter’s Sausage
Jimmy Dean Foods Sausage
and Sandwich Brands
National Oats Oatmeal and
Popcorn Brands
Shawnee Milling Co. Packaged
Mixes and Dry Pet Food
Stilwell Frozen Vegetables
and Desserts
Tradition de Belmont 
French Cheeses
Wilson Meats



Sisters of Mercy Health System,
Oklahoma City

SSM Health Saint Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City

Saint Francis Health System, Tulsa

Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa

Pascova, Milestones Health Centers



Rheem and Ruud Air Conditioning

Rheem and Ruud Water Heaters



Prudential HealthCare Services

Southwestern Life
United American Life



Anthonys Department Stores

Cosi Restaurants
Git N Go Convenience Stores
Grandy’s Restaurants
Homeland Food Stores
Pizza Hut



Poulan Chain Saws

Weed Eater Lawn & Garden Equipment




Phillips 66







Blue Velvet 




BASF (Forestry, Vegetation   Management, Turf & Ornamental divisions)








Xtreme Bulls Tour



D Business

Fort Worth CEO 

Chrome (Equine Lifestyle)

Flash (Equine Speed & Patterns)


Daily Oklahoman

Sunday Oklahoman
Fort Worth Business Press


Address Golf

Brunswick Bowling

Daisy Air Guns

DuPont Stren Fishing Lines

Lowrance Electronics Fish Locators

MG Golf

MotorGuide Electric Trolling Motors

Zebco and Quantum Fishing Reels and Rods



Enterprise Software:

Carbon Street, Inc. 
(Lumber trading)

(Facilities management)





Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems Southwestern Bell Telecom



DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit)

Peterbilt Motors Company Centerline Supply




Holiday Inn Worldwide

Sheraton Hotels


Lone Star Park 
Remington Park


Sitmar Cruise Lines
Wet ‘n Wild Water Parks

State of Oklahoma
Tourism Department

Oklahoma City Convention
& Visitors Bureau
U.S. Olympic Festival



Gas Company of New Mexico

Oklahoma Gas & Electric 

Oklahoma Natural Gas


Public Service Company
of Oklahoma 

Southern Union Gas Company



Rick Ivey

CPA Partner SeatonHill

Bruce is remarkably gifted with business strategy and marketing solutions. He was extremely helpful to NCHA in developing strategic plans, as well as marketing strategies and tactics that helped the association grow.  He led strategic planning sessions and made significant contributions in the development of our business plans. 

bonnie janzen

EVP, Decision Analyst, Inc.

My firm has supported Bruce on a series of innovative and comprehensive online research projects. He really knows his clients and brings a deep understanding of their business to our interactions. Together, we’ve been able to consistently produce data that has underpinned valued thought leadership and resulted in the implementation of effective strategies and tactics. Bruce is well organized and very thorough. His projects stay on track and we always enjoy working with him.

jack pariseau

Brand Strategist

Bruce  has a real sense of urgency about driving revenue.  He is a strong organizational leader, a clear thinker, a good mentor and a great communicator. He brings tremendous enthusiasm and energy to the business each day and his presence inspires confidence and effort. Bruce holds you to a high standard, but he’s also quick to praise effort and performance, and is very loyal to those sharing his commitment to achievement.


Director of Online/Interactive Communications, AQHA

Bruce is an accomplished consultant who has served 

AQHA for many years.  I enjoyed working with him during his Strategic Operating Planning engagement. He taught me many principles of marketing and social media management I use on a daily basis. He also helped me make better sense of all the analytical data we accumulate and guided me in presenting it in meaningful ways.

larry pierce

Managing Director, Eastern Region, Luminant Worldwide

Bruce was our CMO at Luminant Worldwide – an  Internet services company born via an $880 million IPO that rolled up eight mid-sized independents. Overnight, we were 1200 professionals in nine U.S. offices and we needed everything. Brand and culture development. Messaging. Sales support. Research. Events. Activation of partnerships and alliances, et al. Bruce and team did a years’ work in four months to set us on course. He’s an excellent strategic thinker that produces sharp insights and big ideas quickly – a great one to have on your team when you’re pioneering new frontiers.

grant spofford

Senior Director, Winnercomm Interactive

Bruce is a  dynamic leader and an incredibly creative individual. He is a team player that not only pushes for excellence but gets in the trenches with his team. He has
a keen strategic vision that gives him the ability to see the whole picture and around corners no one knew existed.
His expert level of experience and knowledge helped deliver strategically thorough and high end solutions to complex business problems. His leadership abilities are second to none.

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